Sunday, 26 June 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning .......... oh what a beautiful day ...........

Hello peeps

After my exhausting day tidying things yesterday I will be going out to see what I can find. Lechlade has a couple of lovely antique centres and then I will probably dash across to Cirencester. I was very pleased to see that there is a new vintage fair at the Bath Racecourse that will be taking place on July 24th and of course there is the big Flea Market at Shepton Mallet on the 17th July that definitely can't be missed!

I am off to the States at the end of July. I was intending to go to the 127 world's longest yard sale that goes from Hudson in Michigan right through to Gadsden, Alabama but because of the uncertainty ref. the weather I am now going to a huge Flea Market at the Rosebowl ~ oooooohhhhhh ...... I can't wait....... My poor family has to put up with me counting down the days.  If I do buy anything ~ lol, I will worry about how I'm going to get it home when I'm there. Watch this space.

Have a good day ........ x


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