Friday, 24 June 2011

An old fashioned love story ...........

Mr and Mrs Pig were born in the USA and lived happily together for many years before Mrs Pig decided to move to the UK in 2008. She was looking for more excitement in her life and wanted to experience the joy of flying before she became too old to travel! Although Mr Pig was absolutely devastated he tried not to make a fuss as he wanted Mrs Pig to be happy and content in her life.  She had a fabulous flight and loved every minute of her journey. As soon as she arrived in the UK she linked up with Mr Pig and over time they have each settled into their new routine, regularly keeping in touch via email.  Earlier this year, as you can see from the pictures, Mr Pig was introduced to a new lady and Mrs Pig quite frankly quickly became history ........... lol!

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  1. I have to also inform you that Mr Pig has been introduced to many more ladies in the past few months, so not sure how Mrs Pig will feel about that either. I would venture to say it is probably close to 12, lol...


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