Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Worn out ~

Another busy day, so to tired to do anything ~ I have promised myself that I will sort all my sewing stuff out at the weekend ~ wish me luck!


  1. hi there, I just came over to say thanks for following my Vintage at the Village Hall blog- I hope that we'll see you at the next fair- when I eventually get the dates set!

    This is a lovely blog- it's all a bit odd when you first start isn't it, a bit like talking to yourself out loud!

    If you visit my bigger blog Ted and Bunny I have a Giveaway open until tomorrow for a pretty shoulder bag.
    You're more than welcome to enter, and if you have a look at the other "entrants" I think you'll find their blogs interesting too- your kinda thing!

    Hope to catch up again soon

  2. I know u and as soon as u start sorting u will keep it all as u can't bear to part with it lol. I do love your taste in everything vintage and shabby chic x


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