Tuesday, 26 July 2011

USA here we come .........

My daughter and I are on countdown. We are both off to the States to visit my sister on Saturday, 30th July, leaving behind my husband to organise the move into the new house on 8th August. I think we seriously got the best deal! In between being knee deep in boxes, bubble wrap, suitcases and piles of clothes and me hobbling about with a crutch trying to be helpful, I really believe we are making progress ~ lol!  I'm excited about moving and about going on holiday (not sure about the timing, but hey we can't always get it right). We have several flea markets and swap meets lined up to visit and a trip to Vegas, let's hope that we don't melt before we get there as some areas are experiencing a heatwave.

Purchased on Sunday from the flea market, a set of six lovely French
glass sundae dishes in perfect condition.

I thought these were quite cute ~ they are used for Baileys Irish Cream.

This pretty dish was blue tacked to the top of a stand I bought for
two pounds ~ picture to follow.

Oh well, I guess it's time for bed, ready to do more packing tomorrow

G'nite all ........zzzzzzzz

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Off for some retail therapy (of the flea market kind) .....

Having spent days packing boxes and cutting up bubble wrap I am taking today off. Our move date is set for 8th August although my daughter and I will be flying off to the States on the 30th July ~ good timing or what? My husband and son will be left to load and unload up the van. The clearing of cupboards, drawers, sheds and garage in a house that we've lived in for thirty years plus, has brought back many fond memories and also made me realise that I seriously cannot throw anything away. I've managed to gather a large jar full of vintage buttons, a selection of old lace and sewing items, a large box of McDonalds free gifts, three boxes of 1970's toiletries, (mind you ~ some of it has gone in the bin as it was all stuck together and quite nasty to be handling!), linens, some gorgeous pillowcases still in their original tissue paper from when I bought them as a teenager and a big box of lovely crocheted and knitted blankets that my mum has done over the years! I can see that this exercise is going to take a lot longer than originally planned.  I ventured into the garage and found some lovely vintage baskets and cupboards, small tables, some old metal signs ~ I always had a notion that I would have them on the back wall of the house, but somehow it never happened, at least thirty Snoopy mirrors which the children used to collect, and I really don't want to part with them, and some 1980's toys, clothes and books. 

Thinking back, my earliest memories are of the smell of machine oil and the sound of my mother's old Singer industrial sewing machine purring away in the background. As a tailoress, she always had a fabulous variety of sewing related paraphernalia and many happy hours were spent playing with her buttons and beads and making dolls clothes. I can quite happily hold my mother responsible for passing on her passion for collecting all sorts of things, especially if it meant they could be reworked or revamped into something else. She was, and still is, very thrifty and loves nothing more than going to charity shops looking for bargains. She is eighty years old and still makes beautiful bobbin lace, tapestries, fine crocheted lace and exquisite hand-made flowers.

My sisters and I were taught to sew, knit, crochet and embroider from an early age and when you are younger you perhaps don't value the skills you are being given. However, over the years my passion to practice and improve on these skills has been ignited by the availability of so many fabulous vintage and shabby chic blogs and websites, flea markets and fairs, antique centres and boot sales. I love recycling and making new things out of old. I also love the thrill of the chase.

My husband knows to keep out of my way as I get withdrawal symptoms if I haven't bought anything for a while ~ really it's because I'm a grumpy old bag. 

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Wishing everyone a happy and fruitful weekend .........

The weather forecast is supposed to be good, sunshine and no rain! I will be checking out a new flea market at Bath Racecourse on Sunday (of course, that will be in between me packing boxes and tidying, oh, and getting ready for my holiday..........................!

...... Sunny smiles ......

Thursday, 21 July 2011

More discoveries!

I am slowing wading through my cupboards, packing as I go (well, attempting to) ~
stopping on occasion to take a few pictures..........

Oh well, I guess it's back to the packing ................................

Monday, 18 July 2011

Some of my favourite things .........

I thought I would upload some pictures of the things that have given
me great pleasure over the years, before I pack them away,
ready for when we move on August 8th ........

This lovely Domino hot water dish was found along with an identical one in the
Hungerford Antiques Arcade many years ago. I still get a lot of pleasure from
looking at it now as I did when I first spotted it (haha)!

A double egg cup in Blue Cornishware, I would love to find a yellow
one in good condition.


In the days when I did a lot of baking I used to enjoy getting all the old
 baking stuff out and using it. Maybe after we've moved .....

Hmmmmmm.......... I love mixing bowls ~ I mean we all need lots of bowls
 when we are cooking and baking ...... don't we?

I was lucky enough to get the base of this little tureen as part of a job lot and
then about  ten years later found a matching lid in perfect condition.

Anyone for tea!

Or coffee!

A pretty little Toni Raymond jam pot.

A pretty terrarium purchased when I visited the Gloucester Docks antique
 centre recently.

Two adorable vintage French wire plant pots ~ I'm still looking for pots to go with them.

Another terrarium, my favourite bargain found recently in 
a local charity shop in Tetbury.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

A wet and soggy journey to Shepton Mallet ..........

We left home at 7.30am so that we could get a decent parking space. The journey took us through several villages that were in danger of flooding if the rain continued .........! Arrived safely, and then queued in the wind and rain to get in for about twenty minutes. Of course you always get the people who haven't quite grasped the concept of what queuing means and who push in front of the sensible folk (me being one of those, sensible that is). Much to the surprise of my husband, I did however manage to get a couple of things ~

First thing was a very rusty well worn orrery which I think would look fab amidst the gardenalia stuff! My husband wasn't too sure about it and I could see from the look on his face that he was thinking 'what on earth is she intending to do with that thing?' Thankfully by the time we had arrived home he did say that he thought it was very interesting! My daughter has a particular knack of getting things for a good price so I left it to her to do the negotiating. I was very pleased with the outcome :)

This interesting stand I thought would look good with a big church candle in it .....

Then I bought two German wind up dolls which were rather cute ............

We had a really good time but decided to head home at about 12.30pm, as the heavens opened and it was rather miserable dragging round clutching our purchases whilst at the same time trying to hold an umbrella ~ until the next time.........

Friday, 15 July 2011

Wishing everyone a happy and joyful weekend ~ x

The weather forecast is cloudy with the possibility of showers. I'm off to Shepton on Sunday, so I will make sure that I have my wellies with me.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Preparing to move .........

Every night when I get home from work I’ve promised myself that I will pack a couple of boxes and then at least I feel that I am contributing something to the move! Of course, in the process of emptying cupboards and clearing out the garage I have come across a variety of interesting things that I had forgotten we'd ever bought ~ a veritable collection of vintage tins, some lovely old pot lids and an old steriliser complete with instructions ~ from way back when.  It’s far more fun fondling and playing with all my discoveries that cutting up bubble wrap and paper! My husband and I started collecting tins over thirty years ago and decided to specialise in medical related items as they were easier to display. Naturally, I didn't quite understand the full concept of what this actually meant and my passion quickly led to me buying old kitchen items, I mean, what woman doesn’t need at least thirty mixing bowls in her baking cupboard ........ lol! Then my love for old cardboard meant that I could branch out (just a bit) to old packaging, which I love, then of course you have to have the display cabinets, otherwise the treasured collections complain that they aren’t being cared for properly.  I actually sat down today and cried as I remembered and relived with absolute joy so many happy memories and the pleasure I felt when we added something new to the collection. 

About fifteen years ago I bought a small blue spotted jug and small sugar bowl at a local boot sale ~ this little bargain led me to go on and start a collection of TG Green, particularly Domino and Blue Cornishware and I haven't stopped.  Mind you ~ a teeny bit of yellow stripe mingled in does help to break the blue up.   And so it goes on ........

Oh well I suppose I'd better get back to my packing ~ happy days!

Lovely candlesticks from the Charity shop in Glastonbury .....

I couldn't resist these little beauties ~ they are in perfect condition and would look lovely on any dressing table or dresser.

Sorry about the naff picture .......

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Pictures from Glastonbury

A lovely day was had by all and the weather was warm and sunny with only one shower in the morning that didn't last very long.  We arrived in good time and although a lot of the shops were still closed at 9.30am, it did give us a chance to have a quick look round and to take a few pictures. There are a few good charity shops (more than I ever remember) and I was delighted to come across a small vintage boutique called DollyBirds. The owner was very friendly and I bought two pretty hats for my ladies!  My husband had asked me to buy him some Dorset Blue Vinnie and I was pleased to find some in the local deli (most men wouldn't ask for a piece of cheese as their gift, but hey ho anything to keep him happy! We carefully negotiated around some gypsies who were out in force trying to sell their lucky heather, although I must admit, I am always tempted to buy it for fear of having some dreadful curse placed on me if I don't! We didn't visit the tor or the gardens as we ran out of time but we did have a good look around. All in all a nice day out, friendly locals ~ something a bit different and not too tiring.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Today I'm off to Glastonbury .........

I hope the weather holds and that it doesn't rain too much! I will be tripping along in my long skirt and sandals so that I look the part. Haven't been for a couple of years so maybe there will be some new shops.

Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful weekend ~  xx

Thursday, 7 July 2011

"With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things." ~ William Wordsworth ~

Monday, 4 July 2011

A week-end in Hampshire

We set off on Friday morning and stopped at a splendid shop in the village of Four Marks and bought some lovely flowers. We arrived in good time and spent a leisurely few hours chatting and drinking tea with our friends. They have a lovely house that has the old Watercress Line that runs past the bottom of their garden. Every so often you can hear the train hooting as it passes, amidst a big cloud of steam and you can't help but be transported back to the days of the Railway Children. The afternoon was set aside for us to go and explore the Bourne Mill Antiques Centre in Farnham which was an exciting prospect! Sadly, by the time the afternoon arrived my friend Ann didn't feel up to it as she is recovering from recent surgery and felt very tired.  The afternoon was spent reading and making the most of the calm and tranquility of her beautiful house.

Saturday morning we set off in good time to visit The Vyne, a splendid property that belongs to the National Trust. I did purchase a lovely set of white porcelain mugs with roses on the side and a plant. The weather was warm and sunny and although lunch was a bit of a let down we all enjoyed the tour of the house. The guides were very knowledgeable and keen to share the history of the property. On the way home we stopped at an antiques centre which was a bit off the beaten track but sadly we didn't buy anything (glum faces all round).

Sunday we sat in the garden and spent a joyous hour watching the antics of a male and female blackbird, as they crept in and out of their nest, which was in a large tree by the patio. They were unaware that they had an audience. I managed to read half of my book and then sat back and enjoyed the warmth of the sun ~ bliss!

We left to drive home after lunch and on the way back stopped at a boot sale in one of the small villages. I managed to pick up some lovely bits and pieces for a very small amount of money.

This is a very heavy bottle in perfect condition ~ I will probably fill it with shells.

A pretty glass container ~ would look good in the bathroom with cotton wool in it.

Pretty bottle ~ I've just added some mother of pearl buttons (this was 10p!)

So all in all, a splendid week-end was had by all. In the words of Enid Blyton, we are as brown as berries ..........................!