Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Pictures from Glastonbury

A lovely day was had by all and the weather was warm and sunny with only one shower in the morning that didn't last very long.  We arrived in good time and although a lot of the shops were still closed at 9.30am, it did give us a chance to have a quick look round and to take a few pictures. There are a few good charity shops (more than I ever remember) and I was delighted to come across a small vintage boutique called DollyBirds. The owner was very friendly and I bought two pretty hats for my ladies!  My husband had asked me to buy him some Dorset Blue Vinnie and I was pleased to find some in the local deli (most men wouldn't ask for a piece of cheese as their gift, but hey ho anything to keep him happy! We carefully negotiated around some gypsies who were out in force trying to sell their lucky heather, although I must admit, I am always tempted to buy it for fear of having some dreadful curse placed on me if I don't! We didn't visit the tor or the gardens as we ran out of time but we did have a good look around. All in all a nice day out, friendly locals ~ something a bit different and not too tiring.


  1. What pretty photos! Sounds like you had a very nice time! I hope you found some bargains in the charity shops!

  2. What fab photo's hon! Showed the sun shone on us, where's the hats, is Phoebe going to model them? xxx


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