Thursday, 14 July 2011

Preparing to move .........

Every night when I get home from work I’ve promised myself that I will pack a couple of boxes and then at least I feel that I am contributing something to the move! Of course, in the process of emptying cupboards and clearing out the garage I have come across a variety of interesting things that I had forgotten we'd ever bought ~ a veritable collection of vintage tins, some lovely old pot lids and an old steriliser complete with instructions ~ from way back when.  It’s far more fun fondling and playing with all my discoveries that cutting up bubble wrap and paper! My husband and I started collecting tins over thirty years ago and decided to specialise in medical related items as they were easier to display. Naturally, I didn't quite understand the full concept of what this actually meant and my passion quickly led to me buying old kitchen items, I mean, what woman doesn’t need at least thirty mixing bowls in her baking cupboard ........ lol! Then my love for old cardboard meant that I could branch out (just a bit) to old packaging, which I love, then of course you have to have the display cabinets, otherwise the treasured collections complain that they aren’t being cared for properly.  I actually sat down today and cried as I remembered and relived with absolute joy so many happy memories and the pleasure I felt when we added something new to the collection. 

About fifteen years ago I bought a small blue spotted jug and small sugar bowl at a local boot sale ~ this little bargain led me to go on and start a collection of TG Green, particularly Domino and Blue Cornishware and I haven't stopped.  Mind you ~ a teeny bit of yellow stripe mingled in does help to break the blue up.   And so it goes on ........

Oh well I suppose I'd better get back to my packing ~ happy days!


  1. These look amazing, will the new house be big enough I wonder? Love the cold cream pots, covet muchly! Enjoy Shepton, hope you find something else to pack!

  2. Hi there! Nice blog and collection... thanks for your kind comments about my blog and collections... looking forward to seeing more of your stuff!
    ~Emily from I Love Collecting

  3. So pleased to have found your blog ! I also have a couple of sterilizer units , one of which I use as container for cupcakes and lamingtons .... Makes a great display in the kitchen xx Ava ( now following )


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