Monday, 18 July 2011

Some of my favourite things .........

I thought I would upload some pictures of the things that have given
me great pleasure over the years, before I pack them away,
ready for when we move on August 8th ........

This lovely Domino hot water dish was found along with an identical one in the
Hungerford Antiques Arcade many years ago. I still get a lot of pleasure from
looking at it now as I did when I first spotted it (haha)!

A double egg cup in Blue Cornishware, I would love to find a yellow
one in good condition.


In the days when I did a lot of baking I used to enjoy getting all the old
 baking stuff out and using it. Maybe after we've moved .....

Hmmmmmm.......... I love mixing bowls ~ I mean we all need lots of bowls
 when we are cooking and baking ...... don't we?

I was lucky enough to get the base of this little tureen as part of a job lot and
then about  ten years later found a matching lid in perfect condition.

Anyone for tea!

Or coffee!

A pretty little Toni Raymond jam pot.

A pretty terrarium purchased when I visited the Gloucester Docks antique
 centre recently.

Two adorable vintage French wire plant pots ~ I'm still looking for pots to go with them.

Another terrarium, my favourite bargain found recently in 
a local charity shop in Tetbury.


  1. Oooh blue and white china! I have a massive soft spot for it and am always drawn to it even if I don't buy it any more.
    I love the wire baskets too. What lovely things!
    Hope the move isn't too stressful.

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