Monday, 4 July 2011

A week-end in Hampshire

We set off on Friday morning and stopped at a splendid shop in the village of Four Marks and bought some lovely flowers. We arrived in good time and spent a leisurely few hours chatting and drinking tea with our friends. They have a lovely house that has the old Watercress Line that runs past the bottom of their garden. Every so often you can hear the train hooting as it passes, amidst a big cloud of steam and you can't help but be transported back to the days of the Railway Children. The afternoon was set aside for us to go and explore the Bourne Mill Antiques Centre in Farnham which was an exciting prospect! Sadly, by the time the afternoon arrived my friend Ann didn't feel up to it as she is recovering from recent surgery and felt very tired.  The afternoon was spent reading and making the most of the calm and tranquility of her beautiful house.

Saturday morning we set off in good time to visit The Vyne, a splendid property that belongs to the National Trust. I did purchase a lovely set of white porcelain mugs with roses on the side and a plant. The weather was warm and sunny and although lunch was a bit of a let down we all enjoyed the tour of the house. The guides were very knowledgeable and keen to share the history of the property. On the way home we stopped at an antiques centre which was a bit off the beaten track but sadly we didn't buy anything (glum faces all round).

Sunday we sat in the garden and spent a joyous hour watching the antics of a male and female blackbird, as they crept in and out of their nest, which was in a large tree by the patio. They were unaware that they had an audience. I managed to read half of my book and then sat back and enjoyed the warmth of the sun ~ bliss!

We left to drive home after lunch and on the way back stopped at a boot sale in one of the small villages. I managed to pick up some lovely bits and pieces for a very small amount of money.

This is a very heavy bottle in perfect condition ~ I will probably fill it with shells.

A pretty glass container ~ would look good in the bathroom with cotton wool in it.

Pretty bottle ~ I've just added some mother of pearl buttons (this was 10p!)

So all in all, a splendid week-end was had by all. In the words of Enid Blyton, we are as brown as berries ..........................!


  1. Love the bottles! Especially the one with the buttons in. Sounds like you had some good R&R! Splendid. Hope you had lashings of rice pudding and ginger beer? xx

  2. Sounds like a fab weekend! I love the bottle with the buttons inside.

  3. I love the one that you would probably put the cotton wool in..I really like the shape x


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