Sunday, 25 September 2011

I love spots ..........

I've had a lovely weekend unpacking and rediscovering lots of things I'd forgotten about. On Saturday, my husband and I went to Tetbury and had a splendid afternoon enjoying the warm sunny weather and of course a spot of lunch (well, ok then, a huge salad, with fries followed by apple crumble)! There is a fab vintage shop called Qetty Bang Bang in the main street ~ it sells luxurious vintage clothes from the 1920s -1980s. It's was a pleasure to look round and to spend a few minutes day dreaming about what I would choose to buy if I was to be going somewhere like the Ritz for tea on a Sunday afternoon or dinner (I don't mind which ...... the evening dresses and fur coats are gorgeous! Anyway back to reality, I bought two small pieces of raggy old linen to make cushions with and then enjoyed a slow walk around the church which is reported to have the forth largest spire in the country ~ at 186 feet.  

On Sunday, we went off and had a look round a local boot sale and I managed to get a few bits and pieces to keep me happy. We've settled into our new house and as the days pass, we are managing to get quite a lot of boxes unpacked. I sorted through a couple of them and it was lovely to be able to say hello to more of my Domino and Cornishware collection, some of which has been in storage for the last six years ........!

I'm also enjoyed finding some of the glass jars and bottles, along with some vintage fabrics and lace, that seem to keep on appearing whenever I open a box ~ all I can say is it's a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. That said, it was so exhausting that I had to lie down on the lounger and read my book, I fell asleep after about five minutes ~ lol! My husband, bless him was slaving away cooking the dinner.

 ~ A selection of spotty jugs ~

I'm loving Picnik for doing my pictures ........

~ A collection of vintage glass ~

~ Gorgeous vintage fabrics ~

My craft room is nearly ready and I'm looking forward to being able to do my sewing and cards without having to scrabble round looking through bags and boxes to find what I need. I have come across a lovely stash of vintage lace and can't wait to get the creative energy going again. I have also started knitting and crocheting but have only managed to do a few squares and one small crocheted christmas stocking ~ lol! I have decided that I'm going to make all of my presents this year and already have a few ideas about what I'd like to do, so watch this space.

Poor thing is still waiting for me to finish it ~ I need
to add snowflakes to my shopping list!

Wishing everyone a happy, sunny week ~ blessings Haizi D xx 

Thursday, 15 September 2011

A touch of Nostalgia!

I came across these lovely magazines from the 1950's when I was clearing out an old cupboard.  Of course instead of getting on with what I was supposed to be doing, I started reading through the contents.  One of them made me laugh out loud, as the writer Alison Settle analyses the pursuit of beauty.

She says ~

If you could afford, in time and money, to go to a famous beauty salon for what has been called a "miracle morning," you would be given a brief refresher course in renewed good looks. It would include massage to rid the body of tensions; shampoo and hair styling; manicure and pedicure; face treatment and a plan for make-up according to type and colouring. BUT ...... if you cannot indulge yourself in such personal advice, here is your plan for a top-to-toe removation of looks,  producing not so much a new you as the you which has been hidden for too long. Phew, I'm worn out already,just reading through it.

Don't doubt that complexions can be restored to freshness. Hair can gleam as it used to in early youth. The figure can regain its proportions and with those slimmer proportions will come flexibility. Suppleness of movement and good carriage shows youthfulness. Beauty is freely available to those who control their feelings and an orderly spirit brings serenity in its train and it is the charm of the outward-looking woman which brings to her shining beauty.

Ah ha ......... a light bulb moment, now I now where I've been going wrong ..............

It's interesting that the magazines are full of adverts for cleaning products, lawnmowers, how to cook and keep the house and garden neat and tidy, dealing with household pests, recipes, how to embroider and sew, where to shop, how to plan your home, making your own clothes and so on. I'm not really sure how women would have found the time to spend a whole morning on making themselves beautiful in between all the other jobs they had to do.  I'm all for sharing the household tasks but fifty years ago, men never had it so good as very few of the advertisements were aimed at them .....................!

Happy Friday x

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Remembering September 11th xxx

My thoughts and prayers are with everybody who was involved and affected by the horror of the 11th September in 2001. It is indeed another very sad and emotional day for so many people. We can all remember where we were and what we were doing on the day and the memories will stay with us for ever. The strength and tenacity shown and the amount of love and support that has helped the families and loved ones against all odds to survive, and to continue living in the best way that they can, will always touch my heart.

Thinking of you all. Big hugs.

Haizi Daizi xxxx 

Sunday, 4 September 2011

I love this quote ......

The recommended daily requirement for hugs is:

four per day for survival,
 eight per day for maintenance, and
twelve per day for growth.

~ Virginia Satir ~

I love American Flea Markets and thrift stores

We've been back in the UK for two weeks and it already feels like it was ages ago that we were in Los Angeles and Vegas.  We visited some fab places and one of my favourite was the Playclothes Vintage store in Burbank. It's where a lot of the big films go to get their authentic outfits from, for example: Benjamin Button, LA Confidential, Indiana Jones, The Aviator and Pearl Harbour. It was fab-u-lous and my sister and I spent ages looking through everything. It was beautifully laid out in sections and I coveted the gorgeous mannequins that were all through the shop.  I bought a lovely black hat and some vintage linens (unfortunately, I can't find them at the moment as they are packed away somewhere)!

Wertz Brothers Antique Mart in Santa Monica ~ I spent ages drooling over a whole cabinet of vintage wedding toppers, there was a veritable array of sparkly jewellery, shabby chic furniture, kitchenalia and I had to buy a small step ladder which I've wanted for a long time. Along with my wicker heads and mannequin in my suitcase, I wonder what the people checking the luggage at the airport thought.

Today to cheer myself up I decided to take advantage of the lovely sunny weather this afternoon and took a few pictures of some of the bits and pieces I've bought over the last few weeks. The white cupboard, which is a bit shabby and tatty will be given a bit of a makeover and a new handle on the door, as soon as I've unpacked a few of the boxes that have been stacked up in my craft room since we moved.  I bought it when we braved the horrendous weather last weekend at Shepton Mallet ~ and guess what, yep, we got absolutely soaked ......! Of course, when it's tipping down it makes sense to buy a cupboard, along with the other cumbersome things like watering cans and plant pot holders. One thing's for sure, you definitely can't carry an unbrella as well ~ I foolishly wore sandals and my trousers were soggy and wet right up to my knees. Boy, was I glad to get back to the car.

These are a some of the things that I bought when I was in LA ~ the first item is an old
vintage sieve and it's in lovely condition considering its age.

Vintage wedding toppers (oh dear! I feel another collection coming on ....!)

Two pink shabby metal candlesticks and a cat with blue eyes pretending to be a moneybox!
My sister got him at an estate sale years ago.  The candlesticks came from
Grandma Darlings Antique Mall CA 90755-1225

The stand came from the American thrift store and I paid 50 cents for it.
What a bargain .....!

Time to go and have a bath and wash my hair ~ nite xxxx

Saturday, 3 September 2011

A beautiful birthday gift .............

My lovely friend Barbara surprised me with this delightful birthday gift that she had made for me when I got back from the States. She is really creative and clever and I love the way she has captured a variety of things that I particularly like. I used to do a lot of sewing and still wish I had more time to spend on creating different things out of bits of cotton and lace.  I had a great time putting together a jar of crafting goodies for her last Christmas, made up of ribbons, lace, beads, and bits of jewellery ~ and she has incorporated a piece of the jewellery into my picture as you can see from the necklace on the lovely dress, that the model is going to put on. If you read this Barb, thank you so much, I will treasure it forever.

Anyway peeps, check out her blog and see all the fab tags and cards that she makes.

The house move went smoothly  and I am now trying to sort out what appears to be a rather large collection of fabrics, linens and lace that I've amassed over the years....... along with hmmmmmm ...... a few other things as well, anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. The trouble is I'm not sure that I know where to start as I've got to find a home for everything before I can play. I have at least set the sewing machine up though! Talk about being full of good intentions ...........!