Sunday, 4 September 2011

I love American Flea Markets and thrift stores

We've been back in the UK for two weeks and it already feels like it was ages ago that we were in Los Angeles and Vegas.  We visited some fab places and one of my favourite was the Playclothes Vintage store in Burbank. It's where a lot of the big films go to get their authentic outfits from, for example: Benjamin Button, LA Confidential, Indiana Jones, The Aviator and Pearl Harbour. It was fab-u-lous and my sister and I spent ages looking through everything. It was beautifully laid out in sections and I coveted the gorgeous mannequins that were all through the shop.  I bought a lovely black hat and some vintage linens (unfortunately, I can't find them at the moment as they are packed away somewhere)!

Wertz Brothers Antique Mart in Santa Monica ~ I spent ages drooling over a whole cabinet of vintage wedding toppers, there was a veritable array of sparkly jewellery, shabby chic furniture, kitchenalia and I had to buy a small step ladder which I've wanted for a long time. Along with my wicker heads and mannequin in my suitcase, I wonder what the people checking the luggage at the airport thought.

Today to cheer myself up I decided to take advantage of the lovely sunny weather this afternoon and took a few pictures of some of the bits and pieces I've bought over the last few weeks. The white cupboard, which is a bit shabby and tatty will be given a bit of a makeover and a new handle on the door, as soon as I've unpacked a few of the boxes that have been stacked up in my craft room since we moved.  I bought it when we braved the horrendous weather last weekend at Shepton Mallet ~ and guess what, yep, we got absolutely soaked ......! Of course, when it's tipping down it makes sense to buy a cupboard, along with the other cumbersome things like watering cans and plant pot holders. One thing's for sure, you definitely can't carry an unbrella as well ~ I foolishly wore sandals and my trousers were soggy and wet right up to my knees. Boy, was I glad to get back to the car.

These are a some of the things that I bought when I was in LA ~ the first item is an old
vintage sieve and it's in lovely condition considering its age.

Vintage wedding toppers (oh dear! I feel another collection coming on ....!)

Two pink shabby metal candlesticks and a cat with blue eyes pretending to be a moneybox!
My sister got him at an estate sale years ago.  The candlesticks came from
Grandma Darlings Antique Mall CA 90755-1225

The stand came from the American thrift store and I paid 50 cents for it.
What a bargain .....!

Time to go and have a bath and wash my hair ~ nite xxxx


  1. WOW the photos look fabulous Haze.....I was just looking back at some of the photos we took of the vintage stores, antique malls, flea markets and thrift stores we went to. We did see some fabulous stuff and I am excited to keep looking for more. Glad you love the items you purchased. We could have gone even more crazy I know. Miss you lots, xoxo

  2. Love the cat xoxo

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments on my post. I have been catching up with everyone and somehow missed you out... SO SORRY! You picked up some great items on your travels. Looks like you had a fantastic time... bet you wish you were still there with all the rubbish weather we have had here! Happy unpacking :) Abby x

  4. Fab steps Hon! Also love the photo's - want to see more and as for the wedding cake toppers what can I say? I am going green with envy! xxx

  5. LOVE YR BLOG. Keep posting your articles, they are lovely....

  6. What fun finds!! I bet the people in baggage check really did have an interesting time with your luggage!!! A ladder? I bet they had never seen that before. :-)


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