Thursday, 15 September 2011

A touch of Nostalgia!

I came across these lovely magazines from the 1950's when I was clearing out an old cupboard.  Of course instead of getting on with what I was supposed to be doing, I started reading through the contents.  One of them made me laugh out loud, as the writer Alison Settle analyses the pursuit of beauty.

She says ~

If you could afford, in time and money, to go to a famous beauty salon for what has been called a "miracle morning," you would be given a brief refresher course in renewed good looks. It would include massage to rid the body of tensions; shampoo and hair styling; manicure and pedicure; face treatment and a plan for make-up according to type and colouring. BUT ...... if you cannot indulge yourself in such personal advice, here is your plan for a top-to-toe removation of looks,  producing not so much a new you as the you which has been hidden for too long. Phew, I'm worn out already,just reading through it.

Don't doubt that complexions can be restored to freshness. Hair can gleam as it used to in early youth. The figure can regain its proportions and with those slimmer proportions will come flexibility. Suppleness of movement and good carriage shows youthfulness. Beauty is freely available to those who control their feelings and an orderly spirit brings serenity in its train and it is the charm of the outward-looking woman which brings to her shining beauty.

Ah ha ......... a light bulb moment, now I now where I've been going wrong ..............

It's interesting that the magazines are full of adverts for cleaning products, lawnmowers, how to cook and keep the house and garden neat and tidy, dealing with household pests, recipes, how to embroider and sew, where to shop, how to plan your home, making your own clothes and so on. I'm not really sure how women would have found the time to spend a whole morning on making themselves beautiful in between all the other jobs they had to do.  I'm all for sharing the household tasks but fifty years ago, men never had it so good as very few of the advertisements were aimed at them .....................!

Happy Friday x


  1. Hello! You seem to have some amazingly interesting stuff lurking about in your old cupboards! All I find is cobwebs and out of date crisps!
    Great magazines.
    And good luck with your woolly pursuits!

  2. It reminds me of the Stepford Wives, back in the day keeping the house clean and tidy and baking and cooking your husbands meals to have ready when he got home from work. Yet still managing to look all put together, etc. My how things have changed. The magazines are really good, love the photo covers. I love reading yr blog x

  3. Those photos of the old magazine covers certainly bring back some good memories. Those were the good old days. Thank you for posting....

  4. This is a hoot. I recently bought some vintage recipes and included were typed instructions that had come with a new stove. According to the instructions, cooking a one dish meal in a skillet on the stove top was all the rage. A great way to impress your man. lol So nice to meet you.

  5. hiya- thanks for your know sometimes I think we're better NOT tp have our cameras with us, because perhaps they stop us actually enjoying the moment in our haste to capture it?

    I loved this post, and the magazines

    Have a good weeekend

  6. I love old magazines like this. It's nice to know that my figure can 'regain its proportions'. Lol

  7. I love reading old magazines like this, they really make me smile. After finishing my household jobs, I look a real sight, and always leave it that way for when my husband comes home.... he always does more to help when I look exhausted!! :)
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, much appreciated xx

  8. Good to know that if I remain serene and calm I can regain my figure. :-)
    LOL!!! My Mom has some really old magazines at her house and my sister and I get a big chuckle out of the ads. The fashions are really fun to look at.


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