Monday, 10 October 2011

A de-stressing time ~ Bobbins and Lace

As the last vestiges of the glorious sunny weather we've been enjoying draws to an end and the leaves on the trees have turned into a beautiful array of autumnal colours, I am reminded daily of how blessed I am to be able to enjoy so many simple things in life that not only give me pleasure but enable me to deal with the general ups and downs of daily living. Although I wasn’t surprised to read the latest health reports that made the headlines recently, about stress overtaking muscular skeletal disorders as the main cause of long-term sickness absence from work, it did make me reflect on how much of my time is spent at work during the course of a week. I’m lucky that I don’t generally suffer from feeling ‘stressed’ despite experiencing some very challenging and life changing events over the last few years. That is not to say that I don’t get times when I want to tear my hair out when I’m feeling under pressure and overwhelmed. I believe my love of collecting (well, I know it’s an obsession really) and having a tolerant family helps me enormously to maintain some sort of work/life balance. We are all affected by stress in different ways, and I’m a great believer that we should all try and have at least one fun thing to do whenever possible preferably on a daily basis.

Alongside my need to continue collecting and hoarding, my recipe for maintaining my own health and well being includes taking time out to spend quality time with my family and friends, to read, to daydream, and to just ‘be’.  One of favourite past-times is blogging and catching up on all the wonderful creative and talented people that fill me with inspiration and a desire to get on and do something. I love reading through all of the different blogs that show me what a talented world we live in. From knitting to crochet, embroidery to altered art, lace making, sewing and needlework, painting and decorating, revamping something old into something new, cooking and baking name it ~ it’s all scrumptious stuff..........! Mind you as a result, I have so many things on the go at the moment ~ I'm knitting, crocheting, sewing (nothing finished yet), and of course, tidying ~ lol!
I also feel the need to mention ‘withdrawal symptoms’ at this point and one of my most important tasks is to always make sure that I have a vintage fair, boot sale, flea market or a visit to local charity shops booked into my diary, so I have something to look forward to especially at the weekend. I know for myself I am obsessed, yes, there are no two ways about it, plain and simple I just can’t help it.  I’m currently studying the merits of collecting small vintage step ladders, yummy scrummy ............. oh, and some more linens and lace, maybe a few more wedding toppers, embroidered pillow cases ~ sigh .......... crocheted toys and I do so love a bit of coloured glass and anything rusty ~ bliss .........!
Based on the above format, I went to Shepton Mallet this weekend and although I did get a bit carried away (pictures to follow) ~ a jolly good time was had by all and my car was bursting at the seams ................!  Next weekend it's Malvern.

I was disappointed though when I watched Strictly in the evening that Vincent Simone my favourite dancer was the first to leave the competition, although I think his partner Edwina was a bit of a naff choice. Still someone had to get her I suppose (grumpy face).
SUNDAY EVENING: Bobbins and Lace:
Ages ago my mum gave me a big box of bits and pieces (she's is a retired dressmaker) and when I was rifling through it I came across some old wooden cotton reels that she always used for her ribbons and bindings. At Shepton I managed to buy some big bobbins from a lovely stall holder and thought they would look nice with some of my lace wrapped around them. I also bought an old wooden box which I've used for the background, along with a basket of lace and a doily or two.

A beautiful tapestry based on an old William Morris pattern made by my mum
years ago and a selection of vintage lace .......

The Nora Wellings sailor doll insisted on being in the picture
Voila! the finished result ......

Wishing everybody a joyful and happy week ~ HD xxxxx


  1. Oh I do love your bobbins, they always have such a wonderful patina. Not to mention all that gorgeous lace. Envy !! xx Ava

  2. The bobbins look fabulous.
    I think yourrecipe for good mental health sounds like a very good plan...especially vintage shopping - it should be available on the NHS!

    Hope you remember the next V&H Fair - the Christmas one is such a treat.


  3. hiya, thanks for your lovely comment- I stood under the sunbeam that was coming down, and was bathed in wonderful sunbeam light- it was quite magical!
    I love those lace bobbins!

  4. Hi Haizi, love all your lace. Oh my I didn't realize u had so much....Glad u had a good time at Shepton Mallet and got a lot of things lol. Love the bobbins too. Keep the posts coming, I do so love to read them and your thoughts. Hugs xoxo

  5. love your heading, very shabby chic and vintage looking....

  6. Well, how ace are those bobbins! Love them. I think you should book in taking me to a christmas fair as suggested above, so we can have a spend spend spend! Lots love xx

  7. Hi Hazel, this is Dawn, Wendy's friend in the USA. I truly do not know how to reply to your blog. I went on the Ramblings site, but I just have never done these things. I think it is a wonderful blog though. This one was very insightful. I loved it.

  8. Love the sailor doll. Lol, cutie. Oh, oh wow! Love the TG Green pics at the side. I am in love...

  9. Oh hello HD, it's your vintage assistant here. Haven't you been busy! I wonder what your next 'oh my god, i have to have have one of those' moments will be.

    Do i get the steps for my new studio or was that just an excuse to buy them?! Have i been swindled?...rats.

    Find us our next vintage fest.

    Your dedicated negotiator,


  10. I have been so busy lately and find it hard to fit everything in around work commitments.
    You sound like you have got a good balance :)
    I love your old bobbins and cotton reels, they look wonderful with all the pretty lace around them.
    And YES! Vincent did deserve a better partner, such a shame he has left the competition so early. Abby xx

  11. Can I just say ditto to everything you wrote in the first 2-3 paragraphs? I am always amazed at the talent and the inspiration found in blogland, as well as the stress relief it provides.
    Gorgeous lace!! Oh those bobbins!! I just want to kick myself for getting rid of two big wooden bobbins about 2 years ago. They would have been so perfect for winding up some of my vintage lace and I never even thought of it. Sometimes I think I must have a brain the size of a pea. ;-)

  12. The lace looks super on the bobbins! I have a lot (too much, of course) of lace, and have wrapped some little bits around old clothes pegs, but haven't considered bobbins. I will give it a go, although my only bobbin at the moment still holds its original flax thread, which is awfully useful for so many things...

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting - it's been good to come over and meet you!

  13. I do wish there were more hours in the day. The only negative about reading blogs is, it reminds you of all the things you would like to do, but never have the time! x


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