Friday, 28 October 2011

I can't believe I used to fit into these clothes!

My daughter Phoebe decided that it would be fun to have a dressing up day after she found some old clothes of mine that were lurking about in the garage from goodness knows when! We had a really good time digging through boxes and I was transported back to my earlier years, touching on long forgotten memories of days gone by.  I used to love getting dressed up and it was lovely when my daughter asked me if she could have the dresses that she had found. Quite honestly, I thought they were long gone. The dress she is wearing in the first picture is made from a gorgeous red silk fabric, that is as beautifully finished on the inside as it is outside. We took a couple of hats from my mannequins and she spent a couple of hours prancing about in the garden (poor thing was half frozen) so that I could take some pictures.  

Although this jacket is more eighties in style it goes well with the shirt and tie, and pencil skirt.

2011, this is how she dresses today ~ not a lot has changed ...........

Eighties look, she found an old pair of my sunnies which she has also added
to her collection. The dress in contrast is actually an original Mary Quant cross over dress from the sixties, made from crepe ~ very elegant. I always used to wear it on Christmas Day (I wish ....)

Her Princess Di look.

A touch of colour .........

Well, it's time for me to get myself off to work although I would
much rather continue playing about on Picnik.

Happy Friday ~ Haizi Daizi x



  1. Yes of course that is my gorgeous and beautiful niece. She looks absolutely FAB and I believe she can wear any style that she chooses to. Lovely lovely, lovely Pheebs is all I can say. She is so cute Haze. Wow, yes can't believe u used to fit into these. U were a tiny little thing too. Hugs xoxo

  2. This is my gorgeous gorgeous lovely niece Phoebe. She can wear anything she wants as could you at that age. U were so tiny too. I love all the different looks black and white and in color too. FAB, thanks for posting Haze. Hugs xoxo

  3. Lovely photo's Haz, Phoebe looks grand! All I have left is my wedding dress and my girls can't fit into it, not because they are large but because women's shape has altered hasn't it? They are far more athletic shaped, however, Phoebe could be a model, she can wear anything!XX

  4. Just beautiful!..... Phoebe, the clothes, pictures and your wonderful header, love it all!!
    Oh how I wish I could get into my old clothes too. Good excuse to get a new wardrobe full though :)
    Thanks for your kind words about Spotty.... sending furry hugs your way...
    Have a happy weekend. Abby xx

  5. Gorgeous post, such lovely clothes , I especially loved your Christmas outfit . Phoebe looks so much like you ! Both of you beautiful xx Ava

  6. Haven't seen any posts from you lately. Love reading your blog...

  7. Thanks for the visit and the lovely comment on my blog today,much appeciated. I also will came back to see you another day.Have a great week.Warm regards.

  8. Congratulations, you won a prize in my giveaway!
    Could you email me with your address and I will post off your French goodies.
    Hugs, Abby xx


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