Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Scrumptious things at the Chipping Sodbury Christmas Fair on Saturday

My husband and I set off reasonably early so that we could have something to eat and a little wander around the town before we went into the fair. We arrived at about 9.15am, the sun was shining which is always a good start to the day. We passed the Vicar to the local church who was very friendly and jolly, he encouraged us to go and have a look round the church when it opened at ten o'clock.

 I would love a pink house!

By the time we got to the town hall just before ten, a large queue had formed and we happily added ourselves to the end of it. Once inside it was difficult to know what to look at first as there were so many lovely things. It was very busy and and I was glad to have my trusty assistant with me (for carrying any purchases) as it was difficult to get to some of the stalls. It was very lively and good fun and we spent a couple of hours taking it all in.

My very own dancing queen! I bought this from Nostalgia at No 1.   The table was full of the most delightful things all beautifully displayed and it was difficult to choose which one to buy. She is made from vintage lace and and I particularly loved her wings which are made from an old tape measure.  Oh dear, I can feel another collection coming on ......! I also got some gorgeous vintage buttons and tags from the same lady who can be found at

These lovely jars were too tempting to walk past so it felt right for me to buy both of them. They are so bright and cheerful and will look rather gorgeous when they've been filled up with all sorts of goodies. The little doll who jumped into the picture at the last minute was bought at a local boot sale  for twenty five pence. She's rather cute and matches the jars perfectly so I've told her she can stay as long as she behaves herself!

This picture is mostly of the last few bits and pieces I've gathered together over the last few weeks as I can't find the Christmas tree since we moved. I don't really want to go out and buy another one so this little display will have to do (I can imagine the look on my daughter's face, if the presents are also small enough to fit under the tree at the back as it's only about ten inches tall ~ lol!). The two father christmas chalk cake decorations were also found at Chipping Sodbury along with some lovely blue baubles which I've put in a glass jar (forgot to take photo) on the dresser.

It's getting rather close to Christmas and there is much to be done. Ho hum ..................


  1. Great photo's, it looks like a lovely village. I really like the pretty fairy queen you bought..she is just gorgeous. Love her regal looking crown/tiara!
    What a lovely collection of bottle brush Christmas tree's, I especially like the turquoise one. Super cute deer as well! :)

  2. Haizy, u got some great finds...yes I too fear another collection coming on lol. I absolutely love the dancing queen. The vintage lace is FAB, u did good. World's largest yard sale here we come. Are we going next year? Hugs x

  3. I forgot to say the pictures of the town are fantastic, I had forgotten what it looked liked xoxo

  4. Your dancing queen doll is beautiful. It must have been hard to only choose one thing. Thanks for the post it was most enjoyable, it's been a while since you have posted anything anything. I have missed reading your blog. Thank you.....

  5. Love the pics. Your Dancing Queen is gorgeous, some people are just so clever aren't they! The dolly is too cute, I love the striped legs.

  6. I seem to have missed your post... so sorry I am late to comment.
    What lovely pictures of the town, and I agree it would be great to live in a pink house! Your queen angel fab-u-lous!! I love her dress, and would not have been able to resist buying her either. All your other festive bits are cute too, but I think you may need a bigger tree for your presents :)
    Love, Abby... and a furry hug from Spotty xx


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